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LANAP Overview

With traditional gum surgery, a scalpel is used to “flap” (or fold) the gums back to expose the roots of the teeth and the jawbone, allowing a periodontist to view and clean any bacteria that may be underneath the gum line, reshape the bone structure, and then suture the gums back in place. 

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is a minimally invasive periodontal procedure that utilizes a pulsing laser which is absorbed by infected and inflamed tissue. The diseased tissue and bacteria which have a darker pigment than healthy tissue are “zapped” away, leaving behind only healthy gum tissue. Both the removal of diseased tissues and the restoration of healthy tissue are done with less trauma to the gums and a quicker recovery process after the procedure.

Advantages of LANAP over traditional surgery

Some of the biggest benefits of the LANAP over traditional gum surgery are:

  • Fast Procedure: Many people often don’t return to their periodontist to finish their traditional gum surgery because it tends to be a time consuming, painful process. LANAP, on the other hand, only takes a few hours to restore gum health.
  • Quick Recovery: With traditional surgery, most patients will experience 2-4 weeks of recovery time with pain and swelling. Patients that receive a LANAP surgery feel minimal discomfort and can recover after only 48 hours.
  • Comfort: Because LANAP is minimally invasive patients will experience less bleeding meaning there are no medication restrictions, reduced risk of infection, and decreased sensitivity at the procedure site.
  • Less Intimidating: Most people fear the pain from cutting, drilling, or suturing involved with traditional oral surgeries. With LANAP, there is little-to-no pain involved because it is a minimally invasive laser procedure.

LANAP Success Rates

With proper at home care after your LANAP procedure, 98% of patients will see bone regeneration and greater stability in their teeth. Patients who have LANAP done also show less recurrence of their periodontal disease over time, leading to a longer lifespan to their teeth and gum health.

    Who Can Receive A LANAP?

    Anyone who has been identified has having periodontitis or gum disease can receive a LANAP to promote bone regeneration, increase their dental health, and have a healthier smile. Your primary dental care provider will make the recommendation to a periodontist like us at Premier Periodontics if you are found to have an impacting medical condition.

      How Much Does LANAP Cost?

      The price of a LANAP surgery will vary based on different factors including the severity of your periodontitis and number of teeth needing attention but most healthcare insurance providers cover the treatment. 

        LANAP Post-Op Care

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